Our Structure

Supreme Council Office


The Knights of Columbus international headquarters is located in New Haven, Connecticut.  Led by the Supreme Knight, the chief executive officer of the Knights, the office provides administrative support and leadership for our more than 14,000 local units.




The Supreme Council has more than 75 state council organizations to help guide regional activities that are consistent with the principles of our Order.




Each state council is divided into districts - grouping of several local councils.


Local Councils


Local councils are the basic unit of the Knights.  Most are based in parishes, though some have their own council hall within a community.  Each local council works to assist the needs of its community consistent with the principles of the Order.


Insurance Agents


Every council is assigned a certified insurance agent, who is a Knight, and whose job it is to provide our top-rated products focused on the financial needs of members' families.

Deacon Mike J. O'Brien Council #15161

1350 Hearst Drive NE  Atlanta, GA 30319